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Kukui High School Updates & Resources

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new online courses targeted at research and development of the cannabis growing industry in Hawaii. Students may enroll in a curriculum consisting of 3 main lessons teaching the methods used to cultivate and process medical marijuana.

Say hello to our new teachers:

Bradda Kimo

Bradda Kimo is a local Hawaiian guy who loves to grow pakalolo at his home in Honolulu.

“Erybody know I get da killah buds, and even da haole boys know I get da crip kine. We no sell dem cheap cuz, but dey pay me fo teach so let me tell you bout da Hawaiian ways we know as family. You neva seen dakine grow big like dis, we talking like thru da bushes. Brah, jus da other day I wen go walking in my patch and I see some haole boys looking at my buds. Ho bah I jus crushed dose haole fakas.” – Bradda Kimo

Haole Boy

Haole Boy is from the mainland United States. He moved over to Hawaii during the 80’s and grew marijuana during the island’s most prolific periods for guerrilla cannabis growers.

“Back in the day the choppers were out on patrol so you couldn’t do the same things you can today with the medical marijuana permits. Operation Green Harvest would come in and eradicate the patches unless you covered them up well. That’s where us guerrilla growers came in and pulled pounds of pot and sold it for over 5,000/lb back in the 90s when Hawaii’s weed was highly desired.” -Haole Boy

Lil' Deano

Lil’ Deano is a local mix Filipino, Portuguese, Japanese, Hawaiian, South Polynesian who is known for growing the most premier indoor cannabis in Hawaii. His reputation in the cannabis industry is known throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

“Brah, if you stay tryin’ get dem dank buds like you see in da magazines, den I stay can show you how. We gonna learn bout all da kine good strains fo’ grow, how to get dem seeds sent ova to Hawaii, LED grow lights, fertilizers, cloning, flowering, and of course da harvestin’ an’ processing dat comes afta dat. Aloha!” -Lil’ Deano

Kukui High School strives to be Hawaii’s premier online educational institution for learning.

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