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Kukui High Learn

Subjects studied:

  1. Seed Selection & Strain Research
  2. Indoor Grow Room Basics
  3. Outdoor Growing Fundamentals
  4. Soil Science
  5. Organic Growing vs. Commercial
  6. Hydroponics & Aeroponics
  7. Preparing to Grow
  8. Seeds vs. Clones
  9. Obtaining Cannabis Cuttings
  10. Online Seedbank Shopping
  11. Stealth Delivery Methods
  12. Germination of Seeds & First Transplant
  13. Taking Care of Young Plants: Veg Cycle Growing
  14. Providing Nutrients: Fertilization
  15. Sunlight vs. Artificial lighting
  16. LED lights & Photosensitivity
  17. Flowering Cannabis & Growing the Bloom Cycle
  18. When to Harvest-Trim
  19. Drying & Curing
  20. Packaging Marijuana
  21. Business Considerations
  22. Website Creation
  23. Advertising & Online Marketing
  24. Payment Processing & Delivery
  25. The Competitive Legal Cannabis Industry

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Mahaloz to da peepz who helped Kukui High School put togedda all our school stuff.

  • Official Cannabis Growers of Hawaii
  • Educational Board of Marijuana Growers in the United States
  • Teachers Union of 420 Hawaii State
  • Kona Gold Breeders Association
  • Legal Marijuana Services of Honolulu
  • Hawaii State Medical Marijuana Card Holders
  • Community Representatives of Oahu
  • Medical CBD Research of Maui
  • Big Island Seed Breeders