Learn About cannabis cultivation

Kukui High School provides lessons on growing cannabis in Hawaii, taught online.

Strain Selection

Learn about the right strains to grow for Hawaii’s climate.  We overview indoor and outdoor strains of all varieties in our online course.


Growing your own cannabis from seed is easy with Kukui High School’s 5-step process to grow marijuana plants. Taught by Hawaiian growers.


Get educated on increasing yield and productivity for richer bud harvests. Kukui High School will teach you cannabis industry standards.


Learn distribution of cannabis products from seed-to-sale including business, website creation, stealth-shipping, advertising, and promotion.

Kukui High School – Home of the Fighting Nuts

We got choke pakalolo growing in the bushes and the buds they sweet like you know dakine brah.

“You already know brah what I like say.” –  Kimo

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Welcome to Kukui High Cannabis Growing
Kukui High Pakalolo
Hawaiian Grown Cannabis at Kukui High School

Courses taught by Hawaii’s cannabis growers.

Learn from the secrets passed down through generations of Hawaiian growers. The Kukui High School learning program educates students on legendary Hawaiian cultivation methods.

We grow really good pakalolo.

Voted as Best in the State by the Hawaii Medical Marijuana Association LLC in 2018. Kukui High School is the only place to get a full education about growing marijuana outdoors and indoors – all in the comfort of your home.

Cultivating Marijuana Plants


KukuiHigh.com was founded by

“Brah, I smoke ’em up everyday, an’ you know I got da kine buds. Blueberry Widow, Kona Gold, we got all da crip like you neva seen before. We grow ’em in da sun an’ ho, da plants dey get killa!”

Bradda Kimo
Bradda Kimo
Teacher at HawaiiHigh.com

“I arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii back in 1983. Been growing weed here ever since. It was wild in the days of the sugarcane. Imagine fields of buds within fields of sugarcane. We were all outlaws back then.”

Haole Boy
Haole Boy
Teacher at HawaiiHigh.com

“We go through da bushes an plant da pakalolo wit da seeds. We pump em up wit fertilizer an get big yeilds of high THC buds. We stay dry dakine good, cure um an dey smoke clean, brah.”

Lil' Deano
Lil’ Deano
Teacher at HawaiiHigh.com

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