Yearbook S-Z

Sandra Scott (Class of 1988)
– Head Varsity Cheerleader
– Activities: Involved in community outreach programs and ROTC.
– Hobbies Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Skydiving, Scuba Diving, and looking to become a pilot. Loves racing her GSXR 600!

Shaunna Clark (Class of 1972)
Queen of playing spades in “D” baa troom; Queen of Longs Drugs; Queen of Coronet; Queen of Woolworths Ala Moana cosmetic and costume jewelry counter; Queen of Hartfields (uh huh Merry); Calabash Sistah of Russell (dah one wit dah PEN!); Princess of Dairy Queen; Holy Sister of Woodstock and the Partridge Family; Fan of Johnny Carson Late Night; Queen of Cooking Rice on the Stove; Queen of Queens; Princess of Pupule; Holy Sistah of camping at Kaena Point ovah Memorial Day weekend; Holy Sistah of Jackie Collins and leopard print; Daughter to the Queen of Butali-tali; Honorary member and on the board of commidiots of dah Kukui High Alumni Class of 1972, currently dah Food and Beverage supahvisah of Kukui High School’s cafah teria AKA Assistant to the cafah teria Manajah. She’s nuts – Kongazan!
Shawn Uesugi Nakamoto (Class of 1980-something)
– Student Body VP
– Elected “best dressed” senior
– Senior homecoming princess
– Member of the KHS speech team, honor society (i was smart like dat), social committee, graduation committee, Interact Club, and plenty other stuff.
– First soprano in the KHS Glee Club (many of the football guys were members too like Chinn Ho).
Sonya Maya Mendez (Class of 1972)
– Singer and choreographer of the “Singing Kukui Nuts,” which won the state Female A Capella Championships for three years straight (1969-1971), until certain members were busted for taking more than a few swigs of Kukui Nut homemade wine before showtime, which explained why the “Nuts” were so happy and relaxed onstage, singing with reckless abandon laced with creative harmonies and enhanced by one-of-a-kind choreography.
– Because of this unfortunate incident, Mendez was denied a four-year ballroom dancing scholarship to Kukui University, but went on to travel the world to teach music and a capella singing to elementary school children in poverty stricken countries, thanks to a large grant from the King Kukui Family Foundation. Mendez travels to Ethiopia, Africa every year to check up on a kukui nut grove, which is being managed by African villagers and irrigated by the Well of Hope deep water well.
Steve “Danger” Kajihiro (Class of 1989)
Danger received the Kukui Nut award for being the “Nut” of the class each of his four years. Danger is currently living in the Seattle area, working as the Editor in Chief of Island Sports Media magazine and is also the Chairman of the Board of Island Sports Media Foundation ( Danger is still a nut, he loves to make people laugh and share the love he has for people. Danger can frequently be heard as a sidekick to his classmate’s radio station called
– Activities: Editor of the school newspaper; Yearbook committee; Photography Club; Drama Club
– Sports: Football; Bowling; Cheerleading
– Awards: Kukui Nut award for being the “Nut” of the class each of his four years at Kukui HS.
Stephanie McGarrett (Class of 1963)
Much older sister of Steve. Voted Most Likely to Go to Beauty School. Winner of the Annual Kukui High School Shorthand Competition. Extra-curricular Activities: Member of the “Flaming Nuts Pep Squad Dancers”, Sewing Club with an emphasis on Ric-Rack creations. Best Memories of Kukui High School: Homecoming festivities where we cracked open kukui nuts and used the flaming nuts to create the famous flaming “K.”
Current Occupation: Author of “It’s Okay to Be a Spinster”
Terrance Young (Class of 1980ish)
– Pirate Club Arrrr! (Landlubber Relations Officer “Let em walk da Plank!”)
– Fence and back alley running club.
– Cafeteria Gourmet Society.
– Ala Wai Swimming club
– Yoga club (Thought it was food, couldn’t figga why dey sit funny an act like pretzels)
– Tennis Club (After they saw my performance with the fly swatter)
– Winner of the State Graphic Arts Competition for Stick Figures.
– Chili Peppa Tasters club
Currently: Looking for a Rotary Cell Phone, Looking for a bigger Pirate boat since mine’s only 5″, andrying to perfect the “Best Inamona (Roasted Ground Kukui Nut) Poke”. Still wondering why I gotta go #2 all da time.
Tutu Sue Larkin (Class of ’62)
– Achievements: Most school days missed due to surfing (cowabunga!); Gnarliest surfer knots on knees; Best haole tan; Biggest chestnuts (many, many awards…and rewards)
– Activities: Head cheerleader…”No ifs, ands or butts…GOOO Nuts”
– Clubs: Grape Nuts (vineyard tending and wine making); Beer Nuts (dedicated to illegal drinking during football games); Nuts ‘n Bolts (by invitation only to Virgos with Virgo moons and Virgo rising); Health Nuts (organic gardening); Mixed Nuts (multi ethnic studies); Lug Nuts (by invitation only to those too young to drive but brave enough to sneak their parents cars out in the middle of the night); Numb Nuts (those who survived Lug Nuts membership)
Susan “Lava” Jay (Class, you betcha!)
– Cheerleader (“Kiss our butz! Fighting Nutz!”)
– Glee Club
– May Day Court
– AV Club (under an assumed name)

Thomas P. Miske (Class of 1975)
– Also known as Tommy Smashing
– I was part of the Nut pack of Kukui High. Senior year as Captain of the football team, hence my nickname. I was smashing all the records.
– I was voted King Nut of the home coming prom. I met and married my Queen after graduating.
– We opened a Mom and Pop Crack Seed store in downtown Aina Haina specilaizing in kukui nut li hing mui.
– Still driving the same old voltswagon bus.
“Go Nuts!” and Peace out.
Tiffany (Perez) Yoro (Class of 1989)
– Clubs/Activities: KHS Yearbook, KHS Newspaper, KHS Dance Team *The Nut Crackas*; Creative Writing / Journal Club; Boogieboarding Club;
– Sports: Female Wrestler 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th; Basketball *nothin’ but nuts*, Volleyball *roofin nutz*, and Canoe Paddling *Smooth sailin’ nutties* (All-American Volleyball Team and MVP for the Fighting Nuts);
– Awards: National Honor Society, Most Valuable Female Fighting Nut in 1989 and Most nuttiest gal for Class of 1989
Victoria (Mayhew) Kushima
– Head cheerleader and dated captain of the football team
– Worked on school newspaper, “Nuts to you too”
– Debate Club “Never argue with a nut”
– Yearbook staff “Nutheads”
– Member of DENSA

Vicki “Wiki” Kelly Fay (Class of 1956)
Oldest living Graduate of dear old Kukui High. Co-Captain Wahine Volleynuts. Captain Wahine Basketnuts. President and Student Director Christmas Candlenuts Chorus. President Honor Society” Kukui Hele Po.” Mother of you-know-who Kelly.
Favorite Memory: M-m-m-m! those delicious Kukuinutbutter and jelly sandwiches on sweet bread.
Will LeeWill Lee (Class of 1988)
– Speech & Debate – won at nationals
– QB for the 1988 State champs
– Glee club
– Korean club
– Aviation club
– Currently a captain/pilot for Oceanic Airlines (since 1977).
Yona Keali‘ionakukaemanu (Class of 1960)
– Activities: President of the Arts Council Jr. and Sr. Years (‘58-‘60); Student Council Representative Jr. And Sr. Years (‘58 -‘60); Creative Writing Club and Yearbook Committee (’56-‘60); Drama Club – Wardrobe Mistress (‘57-‘60), Played all three of the 3 Little Pigs in “Contemporary Folk Tales” (‘58), Played all seven of the 7 Dwarfs in “Snow White”(‘59), Starred in the title role of “Apocalypse Now” (‘60); Rifle Club – 1st Place Interschool Shoot-Out (‘60)
– Hobbies: Pig hunting, hula, beading, competitive lying, writing stink letters to faculty and friends.
– Post Graduate: American University, Washington DC, freshman and sophomore years; Universidad de las Americas, BA Art History; Montgomery Community College, AA Dental Assisting and Clowning. No can make living wi’ BA in Art History; UH Manoa, Graduate work in Anthropology
– Married: Al Keali’i Chock, Kukui High (‘50). O.K., so he was 12 year mo’ older den me. I was wan “TROPHY” wife. Old fut still no make. yet.
– Dependents: 3 daughters. Tamara Makana Chock, PhD, Assistant Professor, S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse U, NY; Devorah ‘Alana Chock, MD, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Northwest Weight Loss Clinic, Everett WA; Davina Malama Chock, MSCE, Professional Engineer, Manager, Clean Water Team, Fort Hood TX. Not MY fault only kum girls. Das HIS kuleana.
– Employment: Professional Clown, Magician, Balloon Artist, Face Painter, Storyteller, Artist, Arts and Crafts Teacher, Theatre Director. What you need? I get ‘em. Anyt’ing fo’ make one buck. Well, almos’ anyt’ing.

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  1. Class of 2007.
    Claim to fame: finding Barrack Obama’s original birth certificate in a garbage can after surfing at “Point Panic”, while cutting class on furlough Friday.
    Back up quarterback to Chin Ho Kelly. Engineered team to the State title in 2003 after tying Chin up to his bed.
    Honor Nutorian class of ’07

  2. Howzz. I Wen grad 1961. I was on da rifle team cus day needed some one to change da targets. I waz an da tennis team cuz day needed some one to chase da balls ova da fence in da keave up turd road. All good times.

  3. Good News, the Kukui High School administration just announced that the school has negotiated an excellent contract with its teachers. The teachers will have their 10 per cent raise effective immediately. In addition, they will be allowed 7 days of professional training at any approved event located in the U.S. or other country; air fare, hotel, car and cash bonus will be provided by KHS. Family members who travel along will have their expenses covered as well by KHS. Mahalo Nui. The KHS TEACHER ASSOCIATION looks forward to a better and exciting school year. Mahalo Ke Akua!

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