Yearbook G-L

Gary “Kanekea” Langley (Class of ’69)
– Art Club
– Band
– Drum Corps
– Haole Tan-Prevention Club
Currently: Although voted at Kukui as LEAST-LIKELY to do so, Gary is now Lead Pastor at Reunion Hawaii.
John Eugene “Gene” Park (Class of 1999)
– Kukui High Courier editor, 1999
– Yearbook staff, 1999
– Mock trial, 1998
– Navy JROTC
– National Honor Society
Senior year quote: “Let me forget about today until tomorrow.” – Bob Dylan
Currently: Honolulu Star-Advertiser reporter
George F. Lee (Class of 1978)
– Audio Visual Club 1, 2, 3, 4
– Community Service 2, 3, 4
– Glee Club 2, 3, 4
– Campus Newspaper 2, 3
– Yearbook photographer 2, 3, 4
– Senior Saying: “For long you live and high you fly/But only if you ride the tide/And balanced on the biggest wave/You race towards an early grave.” – “Breathe,” Pink Floyd, “Dark Side of the Moon”.
Gina “Ginadogg” Sunada (Class of 1996)
Loved the school so much I returned the year after posing as a freshman until they found out and kicked me out! Active in the Kukui High “Fighting Nuts” Marching Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Ukulele Club, Bowling Team and Computer Club. Helped our nutty Kukui High Bowling Team make it to state finals! Yeah! Go Nuts! Also took 2 years of bird to become more fluent in pidgin but failed at my attempts to master ostrich and quail. Das ok cuz I no need fo talk li dat anyway! Currently teaching ukulele at schools, ukulele stores, on the streets. Weekly ukulele student meeting at my neighbors house when he’s not home. Just don’t tell him! Happy that we received kukui nut lei instead of flowers cuz my nuts still pretty not all shriveled up and dead.
Greg (Kukui) Nutt (Class of ’69)
Graduated Kukui High School with an Honorable discharge. Voted Most Likely to Recede. Activities included:
– Drama Club. Participation eventually culminated in sending us out and auditioning for local TV programs such as Hawaii 5-0, Charlies Angels, and Jake the Fat Man etc. Discovered waaay too much waiting around involved in being an actor.
– Spanish Club. Obviously I couldn’t speak Spanish so I learned Thai and Bahasa Indonesia and moved there.
– Played Tuba School Band. Discovered that there was not much demand for rock’n roll tuba players… decided to switch to drums. A real “Tub Thumper” and ended up playing for Zulu (Kono of Hawaii 5-0 fame) at Duke Kahanamokus.’
– Joined school Radio Club. I had a voice like warm chocolate or that of a thousand cigarettes. Eventually developing into a new type local radio program under the guidance of Club President Victor and classmates James and Jackie. We later became known as the real: Krash Kealoha, Kimo Kahoano, Greg ‘Kukui’ Nutt, and The Honolulu Skylark on the original 1420 KCCN “All Hawaiian All the Time”.
– Aviation Club. Crashed the club’s last plane. Switched to helicopters. Got on once-Got off Twice! Found out that it was the most fun I could have with my pants on! Eventually ending up in Southeast Asia to see if aircraft crashed easier there. They don’t! Ruined too many perfectly good BVDs.
Guy “da Padre” Higashi (1971-1975)
– School Activities: Drama Club; Rock Marching Band; Wrestling Team – Light Weight; Arm Wrestling – both arms; Varsity Football – Waterboy; Ukulele Orchestra – Lead Tenor; Speech and Debate Team; Math Club -Treasurer; Pidgin Bible Club- President; National Honor Society- Mascot
– Voted “most likely to be a professional bodybuilder-with the help of steroids.
– Current Vocation: President- Christian College
Harry Covair (Class of 1978)
– Frequently seen off campus practicing newly learned Geometry lessons at Cebu Pool Hall
– Sometimes seen at Kaiser’s, Bowl’s, or Tree’s after lunch
– Rarely seen in school after lunch
– Always trying to strip and repair electronics stuff
Member of: Dyslexic Students Untied; Campus Clean Up Committee, Campus Beautification Committee, Electronics Club, Radio Club, and the Math Team.
Famous Quote: “I’m hungry, what’s for lunch?”
Voted: Most likely to electrocute himself.
Last seen entering a Monastery to bring the Monks up to date with iPods and iPads.
Henry Chu (Class of 1970)
– Activites: Outrigger Canoe Club Paddler, Original School Mascot (until I got tired of the nuts on my costume getting busted all the time at football games), Lei Club, Yearbook Photographer, Peace Committee,
Ukelele & Slack Key Guitar Band.
– Yearbook Superlative: Voted most likely to move to New York City.
– Currently: A retired technology/photography teacher hoping to move back to Oahu.
Ian Nakayama (Class of 2010)
Proud graduate of Kukui High. Will always and forever be a Super Nut. Proud Mellophone/French Horn player in the Kukui High Marching Band and Color Guard. Activities:
– Band
– Band and
– Band
Unfortunately he was too awesome for any awards. The student council told him that if they had it their way, he would’ve won all the awards. Unfortunately the residing council said they had to be fair and distribute the awards evenly.
Jacob Smookler (Class of 2005)
– Varsity Football – Offensive Lineman/Defensive Lineman/Linebacker
– Varsity Basketball – Point Guard/Forward
– Drama Club
– Hawaiian Club
– Football Lettered 4 times All OIA Red First Team (Defensive Lineman)
– Most Spirited Class of 2005
– Basketball Captain Awards
Currently On Maui. Companies: Lahainaluna High School Foundation Social Media Advisor, State of Hawaii Security Department, Maui Memorial Medical Center, KPMW Wild 105.5 FM (In My Dreams)
Jamie Winpenny (Class of 1988)
I’m so glad to have found you! ’88 was a crazy year. Attached is a graduation photo. I was high. Some facts:
– Extra-curriculars: President, AC/DC Fan Club; Perfect Attendance Award (boycotted presentation ceremony); Class President campaign derailed by dating-above-status scandal “Daughter-gate”
– Voted Most Likely to Fall Asleep Standing Up
Jay “Menma” Crisologo (Devastating Class of ’92)
– Supper Club – 1, 2, 3, 4
– Safe Drivers Society – 1, 2, 3, 4
– Street Fighter 2 Tournament Team – 3, 4
– Wayne’s World Fan Club – 3, 4
– Part-Time employee at Jeans West and Oaktree – 3, 4
– Most attentive in class
– Most likely to go home and cook rice
– Quote: “Did you see my Nuts? They always hit ’em hard.”
Jean “Mermiz” Simon (Class of ’69)
– Swim team. Splashed her way to victory every time!
– Winner “Best Wet T-shirt” Contest.
– Girls Chorus member – best vocals winner. “Sirens all have wonderful voices…”
– Aquatics Club member. “This is an island. Everyone should learn to swim!”
– Synchronized Swimming club. The AquaNuts rule!
– Best Tail Award.
Jennifer Lum (Osborn) (Class of 1988)
-Member of girls choir, concert choir, jazz choir, all state choir, track team, color guard, drama
– Awarded most likely to win the lottery (of course i live in Hawaii. Fat chance of that happening.)
– I was also the “biggest complainer” and “the school gossip”. Oh, how I miss the days of… wait, maybe I don’t miss them at all…

Jeroen “The Orange Nut” Joosten (Class of 1994)
– Soccer
– Dive class
– Promoter of “NUTS” for divers (Nutty Underwater Teamwork Standardization)
– Chorus frog
– Judoka
– Techno producer
Favorite quote: “To know is to know that you know nutting. That is the meaning of true nuts!” – Nutfucius
Jeroen is an European transplant from the Nutherlands, graduated in 1994. His fellow students described him as NUTS (a Nerdy, Useful and a Trustworthy Student). He went back to Europe after graduation for additional schooling and decided to go back to the islands once again after he went completely nuts from the cold. He found his future nut on the islands in 2007 and married her in 2008. Currently he is full-time father and part-time webdeveloper.
Joanne M. Ramos (Class of 1993)
Graduated of Kukui High School 1993 as summa-cum laude in my class. Vice-President of the Aloha Committee, A member in the Glee Club and Salsarobics Club. Voted most Popular for three consecutive years, and a member of the Chess Club.

John Kealoha Garcia (Class of 2001)
Most technologically savvy football jock. Ran track (Actually, shot put. For the girls.), played football (for the popularity, definitely not for the win) as an all-state offensive lineman and defensive end. Studied computers, learned Adobe Photoshop and scripted in ASP (for the money). An entrepreneur at heart, John did business at an early age by challenging “friends” to lop-sided games of Pogs and Magic: The Gathering — for keeps. John monetized his lunch breaks by burning and selling mixed tapes in an effort to pay for his High School prom.
Highly active in the tech/creative community, John would go on to run multiple businesses (most unsuccessful) and work for several large corporations including a stint at Hawaii’s largest newspaper, The Honolulu Advertiser as Digital Supervisor of Design. John is currently the Digital Innovation Strategist for Kamehameha Schools and serves as Chief Technical Officer and Creative Director for the Honolulu-based entertainment Web site Nonstop Honolulu.
John Glaze (Class of ’62)
– Activities: Kukui Nuts Honor Society mascot, School Newspaper Cartoonist, Study Hall Senior Member, Canoe Club alternate, Senior Class Play (cameo), Hawaiian Eye Fan Club treasurer
– Honors and Awards: Most Likely to Almost Succeed, Most Kolohe
– Extra Curricular: Kukui Nuts Primo Drinkers Association, noon surf reporter, post-lunch carpool organizer
– Famous Quote: Ain no beeg tang
– Last Seen: Scalping Defcon tickets in Las Vegas; nice tan, but
Jojo Antonio (Class of 2009)
– Activities: Speech and Debate Team (3 years), Theatre Club (4 Years), Glee Club (4 Years), Christian Club (3 Years), Law Enforcement Explorers Program (2 years), Basketball Team (2 Years), Law Society Club (1 Years), Robotics Team (1 year), Creative Writing/Poetry Club (3 Years)
– Achievements: 2-Time State Finalist in the Hawaii Speech League, Vice-President of the Speech and Debate Team, Team Captain for the Glee Club (4 Years), President of the Christian Club, Lead roll for 5 of 8 Plays he did for the Theatre Club, Starting Power Forward for the Basketball Team(2 years), Honor Roll for 3 years, Voted “Most Popular”.
– Favorite Memory: Junior Year, Talent Show, Dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies.
– Currently: Attending University of Hawaii, Theater Major
Joseph P. Murphy (Class of 1966)
– Varsity Football, marching band and debate.
– Played bass in several bands throughout HS and still play and produce music.
– Spent nine years in the army and currently work at Pearl Harbor.
– My daughter Alithea is a 1992 graduate of KHS and currently resides in Los Angeles, where she is a doctor, with her husband and two children.
Josh “Porky” Cruz (Class of ’96)
– Class of ’96 Student Council – Class Historian
– National Honor Society – Treasurer
– Chicken “NUT” Bread (Fil-Am Club) – Treasurer
– Starred as one of the “Roasted Nuts” in the award winning production of “No Get Nuts Fo’ Christmas!”
– Member of the Fighting Nuts Marching Band
– Voted “Most likely to be seen picking his nose in public”
– Lost 80 pounds since then!
– Currently working as a motivational speaker for Facebook Bejeweled Blitz and Family Feud Addicts.
Juli Klutz (Class of 1993)
Well, should have been. Yes that was my maiden name… and it did rhyme with nutz. GO NUTZ! How I loved all those jocks. This incriminating photo made the yearbook. It was taken after the Jr./Sr. Prom. Well, I will not go into great detail here, but let’s say that I did not grad the following year for obvious reasons.

Justin Bret Monsarrat Powers (Class of 1978)
– Attended from ’72 through graduation in 1978.
– Chess Club
– Math Club
– Scuba Club
– Cum Laude
– Now run Powers & Associates Court Reporting in Downtown Honolulu. I travel the world with my French wife and our daughter born in 1999.
Ka’iulani Kauahi (Class of 2005)
I was involved in Drama Club as Club President, Hawaiian Language Club, Chess Club, the Kukui High School Newspaper and loved being a Fighting Nut on the Kukui High Varsity Soccer Team. I graduated with a 3.9 GPA and received an award for a science project for my homemade trebuchet. After Kukui High I went to Saint Mary’s College of California and graduated in 2009. I’m currently enjoying being back in the islands, but also researching grad schools on the mainland. Can’t wait for Class of 2005 10 year reunion. GO NUTS!!
Karen “Kalena” Sabog (Class of Rockin’ 80s)
– Orienteering Club: memorable times getting LOST in the Kualoa jungle with hottie Steve McGarrett and hiking up the dangerous knife-edge ridges to the Pu’u Kalena Summit where Steve-O rescued me after slipping on a narrow dike … such strong arms and dreamy eyes!
– Save Da Keiki Club: organized record-breaking shave ice, crack seed and huli huli chicken fundraiser with co-president Chin Ho Kelly for donating Kamaka ukuleles to underprivileged hapa-kanaka keiki in Nutswana, Burkina Nutso and Nuttiland.
– Project Runway Club: redesigned swimsuit for boys water polo team to make sure the KHS Nuts were well represented and fashion forward!
– Dakine Brown Nuts to Stardom: runner-up, Kukui Five-O singing “Shake Your ‘Okole (Down to the Ground)”
– Aloha Festival Nutty Parade – first place float for replica of the Hokule’a made entirely of recycled kukui nuts.
Yearbook Quote: “It is only with the heart that one can fight rightly; what is essential is school spirit and pride. Go Fighting Nuts!” – The Little Kukui by Kimo de Saint-Exupéry
Karina (Cantu) Chapman (Class of 1984)
– Attended Kukui High after transfer from Aiea High in 1981. I was too Nuts for them.
– President of the Kukui Photography club, the “Photography Nuts”, 1984 (member 1981-84)
– Editor of the School Newspaper, “The Nut House”, 1983-84
– Staff photographer, Kukui High Yearbook, 1982-84
– September 1981 – Spent two weeks on the school flag team before deciding I’d rather be scuba diving at Three Tables or Sharks’ Cove than wearing Miss Howell-Lee’s crazy flag-team uniform that included white cowboy hats and white cowboy boots, with fringe. (Miss Howell-Lee was only at Kukui High for about a month, the rumor was she went back to Texas after freaking out when a cockroach wen’ got stuck in her hair during flag team practice–anyone know what really happened?).
– Favorite Pastimes: Scuba, sneaking into movies at any of the Waikiki theaters, popcorn fights at the Kam drive-in, spending too much money at Pearlridge (especially Daiei, Famous Amos, Long’s, and Fun Factory), and never being able to hit the golf ball into the stupid windmill at Castle Park, hana hou (da one time I got ‘um, da lolo ball wen stay stuck inside!).
– Voted by my classmates as “Least likely to ever master Hula”. (I still dance like a haole.)
– Now teaching 5th graders on da Mainland. Maine is too far away from home, but you gotta have a job, brah!
– Yearbook Quote: “A’ohe pau ka ‘ike i ka halau ho’okahi.” – (All knowledge is not taught in one school.)
Kay Murazane (Class of 1981)
National Honor Society. Graduated in top ten of class. Goody two-shoes during the day… disco dancer at night. Loved the Kukui High fight song… “I’m a nut, I’m a nut, I’m crazy!”

Kimo “Kimoboy” Williams (Class of 1981, 1982 and 1983)
– President of Kukui High Abstinence Club
– Alternate Cheerleader
– Captain of Chess Team (State Champs in 82!),
– Secretary/Treasurer of Penmanship Club
– Honors: Received Honorable Mention for “Best Personal Hygiene” in KHS poll (1981)
Kristi (Kamaunu) Bonney (1988-1992)
– Member of: Podagee Princess Society 1990 – Acting Secretary (The elected secretary came down with a mysterious illness.)
– Cheerleader 1988-1992 – Bottom of the pyramid. My okole was too big so they wouldn’t put me on top. Podagee, that’s why!
– Runner-up for Most Likely to Bump You Into the Wall With Her Big Podagee Butt 1992. I was beat out by Rhonda Gouveia.
Lester “Zotz” Salazar (Class of 1982)
– Starting point guard for State Basketball champs 4 years in a row
– Spanish Club (I thought they had cute chicks)
– Hotrod Club
– Voted most likely to “Cut a Rug”
– Founder of Sadly, the site never took off. What a difference one letter makes.
– National Honor Society
– Graduated with a 4.0 GPA
Went on to play basketball at Michigan State following in the footsteps of my idol, Magic Johnson. Currently retired living off my Megabucks Jackpot.
Lovey Dovey Pao Harwood
– Also known as da flying Hawaiian at KHS! Best known as da crazy chick into skydiving, rockclimbing and rappelling off of cliffs and buildings! Favorite memory: getting Steve McGarrett and Chin Ho fo rappel wit me from da 4th floor balcony of da science building. Voted along side Steve McGarett as da “Most Rascal”
– Current Employment: Adventure Director/Owner – Akamai Adventures; Adventures & Training in Skydiving, Rockclimbing, Rappelling and Search/Rescue
Luis “Kaoba” Rivera (Class of 1982)
– Varsity Volleyball
– Student Body committee
– Sold the most malasadas fo senior prom funds
– Memba of one pair shoe only fo school club (pro keds)
– Club merengue dance and polyester pants; matches not required
– Year book quote: “Local Rican with best moves and mom makes tasty pasteles”

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  1. Melvin Pilialoha (Class of 1991)

    -Voted Class cruiser 1990
    -voted most likely to not hold a corporate job 1991
    -loved free lunch when assigned to lunch duty.
    -football star
    -Spanish Club
    -French Club (for the girls)
    -Detention Club (Because of girls)
    -Music prodigy, but don’t play instruments.
    -Class cutter
    -Class freeloader, but everyone loved me. Most buddies would ask me “How do you do it.” I’d say “You know, guys, it’s a gift, what can I say, i’m a people person!”

    Currently the owner of Island Republic Tattoo in Vancouver, Washington. Visit our facebook page at

  2. I am honored to be the principal of Kukui High School beginning in August, 2010 and to be terminated in August of 2020. God help me direct my students toward success.

    I will have a meeting for all department chairpersons and student body leaders in the Kukui Nut conference room today at 10:30. We will discuss starting classes at 9:am instead of at 8:am and ending the school day at 1:pm. Please come with your opinions.

    Principal Gomes

  3. Classof 1961
    Transfer from Bakersfield High School ( sister high school )
    Active in Christian bible club, Ono cooking club and Muu-muu sewing club
    No photo available because I am working undercover for the State

  4. Well how delightful! Not only am I alumni (graduated at KHS in 1926), but I was the cooking “home ec” teacher from 1930 to 1978! Remember me? I served “soup to nuts” for 50 years! And talk about concerns over foods that “may contain trace elements of nuts”! Thank goodness those 70s students never had a chance to take me to task on that one! Now I am retired & just a gourmet nut! But I do miss those “nuts and dolts” I taught years ago!

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