Yearbook A-F

Al Keali’i Chock (Class of 1950)
I went to Roosevelt High School (English Standard), but dropped out at the end of my junior year, traveled to Missouri to attend a junior college, and graduated with an A A. I came back home to University of Hawai‘I (UH), and while studying for a BA, I decided that I should have a high school diploma since everybody else that I knew had one. I enrolled as a special student at Kukui High School. This study program involved observing the interrelationships of people and their environment; today it’s called ethnoecology. The place of this research was Waikīkī beach, in front of the Edgewater Cottages, in the afternoons and evenings. This included watching submarine races, mongooses, and cockroaches. Some of my fellow students were on the cheer leading team- Sandy Beech, Teri Aki, and Pua Ting. Cordell Haugen (‘56) mentioned that they won the championship the year he graduated, in his Sept. 28,2010 Yearbook Response. Since they were students when I went to KHS, these titas must have flunked a few courses and got held back?? Da buggas on the team then were Aino Kea, I-Like ‘Ike, Olpau Nau, Ahana Kokolele, and Gufo Nating; maybe they graduated earlier? I finally completed my assignments and graduated with honors in the centennial year, 1950.

I also graduated from UH in 1951 and was appointed a graduate assistant. About two weeks before the fall semester, Local Board No. 2 of the Selective Service System sent me “Greetings,” with instructions to report to Schofield Barracks for induction in the U. S. Army. The UH Department Chairman sent them a letter stating that if I was drafted, the UH “would not be able to offer certain courses which were required for graduation.” I was given a deferment, and taught classes for two years. In the meantime I was continuing my research at the beach, so my friends and classmates gave me the nickname of “Professor.” Now I is one, fo’ real! About this time I also met the real Chinn Ho!

Later I married Yona Keali‘ionakukaemanu.

Ali’i “Da Kine I Li’ Sampo Yo Manapua” Garcia (Class of 2007)
Left Kamehameha during my freshman year due to inability to follow the dress code. Attended Kukui High School on partial scholarship.
– Varsity Synchronized Coconut Tree Climber
– Student Gov’t (Treasurer ’06, Vice President ’07)
– President of the “Saimin & Spam Lovers” Club
– Member of the “We Support Uncle Mufi” Club (Spring ’06)
– Vice President of the La’au Lapa’au Club
Honors and Awards:
– Perfect attendance (Sophomore – Senior year)
– 3 time winner of the Kukui High Annual Malasada Eating Contest (Regular, custard and chocolate filled)
Currently I am a grad student at the University of Hawai’i studying corn and its many uses in and out of the microwave. Mahalo to the Kukui High faculty and administration for bringing me out of Waimanalo and pointing me in the right direction.
Allison “Pocho WannaB” Agno (Class of 1992)
– Most Nutty Athletic Female of the Year
– Sports: Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Canoe Paddling Mix division
– Nutty Glee Club & Choir
– Nutty Math League
– Nutty MC Hammer 2 Legit To Quit Dance League
– Nutty Student Body Government as an External Affairs Coordinator (had to create a position for the most talkative sistah in school)
– Voted Nutty Class Clown & Most Artistic
– Nicknames: Bundy (worked at Kenny’s Shoe Store) & Alley Cat
– Current Occupation: Engineer & Inventor of the Nut Smasher @ the Kukui Nut Candy Factory
Proud to be a Nut! Can’t wait for our 20 year renion! Would love to see and hug nuts! GoooOooOoo Nuts!
Andrea “Andy” Sikkink (Class of 1986)
Proud Graduate of Kukui High. My hanai dad too manini to pay fo’ Punahou. He say ” We no can afford um, asswhy….Sides no one go famous or ever make president from dat school anyways!”
– POG champion in junior year (don’t ask)
– Track and Cross Country Champion Senior Year ( always smart for a Haole to run fast, yeah?)
– Fan club Founder for Steve McGarrett’s band ” The B-52’s” ( he was sooo ono. I was one F.O.B. freshman when Steve took me under his wing and taught me to talk da kine ( ummm “bird???”)
– Founder of the Akamai Okole Club ( known for our highly successful “Ainoekae” bumper sticker school fundraisers)
Kukui Nut Mascot: How ironic. Our mascot was a dancing nut. Now my keiki go Mililani High and their mascot one Trojan- fo’ real.
Favorite Memory: When Chin Ho wen FUT in Chemistry class and Mr. Hasagawa passed out
Voted: Most Likey to become an Oceanic Airline Flight Attendant ( maybe thats why I have been feeling so “lost” lately); Prettiest Eyes “Makalani”; Most Likey to become a model for Luau ads as a Haole Tourist (this one came true – fo real)
What I miss most about Kukui High? The ono grinds in the cafe; Kumu and doing jumping jacks to Chicken Fat
Please join me as a member of the Hana Hou Kukui Hui Alumni Association- our theme for this years reunion? You guessed it ” Hana Hou Hawaii Five- O”
Andrei Saveskie (Class of 1966)
Always the non sports Geek. Did Music, Drama, and Student Council. Loved to cook at home. Had cheap dates that way. Made dinner for them rather then take them out to a nice place. Used to trade classes with my identical twin brother. Stll learned enough to become a company director and did OK.

I was a classic Haole and burned in the sun, so I didn’t surf or hang out on Sandy Beach. I did play my 5 string banjo terribly and thought I was a future Cazamero.

Later in life I was a pilot and skydiver. Did that between most of my jobs overseas. Now retired and will stay home here in Kailua forever.

Angela “A-Nut” Naehu (Class of 1988)
– ACTIVITIES: Kukui Cheerleader. Member of the Academic Decathlon Team. Student Council Secretary, Ski Club. Lead in the Winter Musical, the Nutcracker.
– FAVORITE SONG: “Notorious” by Duran Duran
– TURNING POINT: I was devastated when I found out that my nickname had nothing to do with school spirit. I later embraced it.
– FAVORITE QUOTATION: “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lost it.” – Robin Williams
AnneMarie (Cichowicz) Miske (Class of 1975)
– Also known as “Boom Boom.”
– Head cheer leader and Queen Nut of the home coming prom in my Senior year.
– Met T. Smashing in our junior year and married shortly after graduation.
– Still together and can be found running the Kukui Hut Crack Seed Store in downtown Aina Haina.
“Go Nuts”!
Anthony “Dat English Kid” Collard (Class Of 1993)
– Speech Team
– Glee Club
– Drama Society
– Football (Free Safety – #31)
– Rugby (Yes, there was too…)
– Shooting (That too…)
– Track
– Swimming
– Cricket (Really!)
Joined Navy (SEAL Team Alpha) after September 11th. Recently returned to the islands happily married, child in tow. Now running a Personal Security company catering to high profile and discreet individals. Glad to hear from all you 93’ers!
Arthur Keola Lorenzo-Savella Lagrimas (Class of 1998)
Was voted best hip-hop dancer all four years of high school. Not only did I spend choke time on the dance floor, I also spent a lot of time graffiti sketching blackbooks and shooting people — with my Nikon camera that is! Dance, drawing and photography is my niche. Therefore, I was a hit in the Arts department, and also amongst the wahine of KHS. Aurite! I miss those days. Can’t wait for our 20th Class Reunion! As we 98’s said back then, and stands true into present day, “We not crazy. We Nuts!”
Arnie Tracey (Class of 1988)
– Rifle Team
– Drill Team
– Science Fair 1st Place – Jet Engines
Today I write graphic novels to make ends meet. Pretty much a full time comic-book-whore.

Ashli Quevedo
– Co-Editor of KHS yearbook
– Captain Of the Pep squad
– Nominated Best All around
– Currently owner and operator of Flawless Hair Salon.
Blast B. Tabios (Class of 1987)
I immigrated from the Philippines my freshman year at 92 lbs. I quickly learned to love spam musubi’s and became the Kukui High’s Representative to the State Spam Musubi Eating Contest, winning the SSMEC my senior year where I weighed 267 lbs. I was known for being a Band Geek where I was awarded the Best Drum-roll Solo when I actually tripped with the big bass drum and rolled down the Stairs at Aloha Stadium. Today I am a Smart House Programmer.
Bradda DJ Kui (Class of 1991)
– Sports/clubs: Basketball, president of the audio/visual, president of the drug buster club.
– Awards: 1990 Represented Kukui High for Brown Bags 2 Stardom Club Supremacy 1st place winner in the audio division.
– Interests: Mobile DJ with Rico Boy Production.
– Current occupation: Afternoon air personality/DJ on 102.7 Da Bomb KDDB.
– Yearbook quote: “Im gonna be Famous”
Brandon “Spamburger” Suyeoka (Class of 1995)
– Activities: Soccer, Bodyboarding “Wall” Rat, Leadership Group, Enrichment society, Cavaricci Club.
– Interests: Waialae Bowl Arcade, Egg fights, Color Me Badd, Kung Fu, Most of the girls that hang by C-building.
– Yearbook Quote: “Jay boy said he’s gonna burn my Spamburger shirt. I say bring it. Take care cause I care.”
– Voted most likely to pull your chair away before you sit and best athlete.
Brenda “Palenaka” Mattox (Class 197-something)
– Activities: Nutterbutter Athletics Supporters, President Nut Art Club, Drama Club (Got to sing with Chin Ho Kelly in South Pacific), Hall Monitor (often monitored jock crotches too closely, artistic purposes of course.)
– Voted Palest Haole on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. Voted Best Artist Most Likely to Succeed Drawing Clothes With Tabs.
– Still in unrequited love with Steve McGarrett.
– Current Occupation: Paper Doll Artist Extraordinaire.

Brant Holland (Class of 1981)
– Activities: KHS Marching Nut Band
– Clubs: Latin Club
– Yearbook Quote: “My calculator can perform complex trigonometric functions.”
– Voted most likely to: Discover a cure for haole rot
– Last seen: Taking a nut shot on AFHV
Brian Watanabe (Class of 1990)
Nicknames: Pony Boy, Sweet Okole, The Makiki Mastermind.
Superlatives: Most entrepreneurial, Most evil laugh, Most likely to become a Honolulu Crime Lord
Activities: Football, YMCA, Future Enterprises, Breakfast Club, Robotics Club, Rifle Club, Ninjitsu Club, Fight Club.
Interests: Acid wash jeans, HIC Slippers, Thundercats, making mix tapes, Debbie Gibson, world domination.
Current Occupation: Former HPD officer (never convicted of corruption charges). Import/Exporter.
Yearbook Quote: “One day, I will rule this island. Stay cool and have a great summer.”
Brianna Curtright (Class of 1997)
Participated in canoe paddling for Kukui high all four years. I was also the chairman of the BBQ-n-Beach club where I taught many kids the art of getting keawe wood for the best tasting grinds. Today you’ll still catch me at the beach swimming, BBQing, body surfing at either Electric Beach, Pray for Sex, or any othe beach with few(er) tourists.
Bronson Maika`i`ole Melchor (Class of 2004)
– Automotive club
– Kukui high school Varsity volleyball all star
– Kukui High School Varsity Football
– Samona & Hawaiian Club
– Class president
– Voted jokesta of the class
– Senior quote: “The First thing to making your dreams come true is waking up.”
– Currently a cook at the alley restaurant at Aiea Bowl, and a part-time pilot for U.P.S.
Bruce “AlohaBruce” Fisher (Class of 1976)
– Activities: Hydroponic club.
– Awards: Voted “Most likely to Appear in Porn” by the class of 1976.
After a unsuccessful run in the adult film industry, but always ahead of my time, I moved to the Big Island where I began a medicinal marijuana growing business. The company was shut down in 1982 when federal agents arrested me for marijuana posession (it turned out growing marijuana was illegal). Ok, I admit, I’m not the brightest bulb in the word, but I did somehow turn my life around. Don’t ask me how, though. I can’t remember.
Carrie Dee (Class of 1992)
– Activities: Drama Club, Co-Editor of the Kukui High Courier, Forensics Society
– Quote: The hell, dude?
– Bio: Moved to the mainland after graduation and currently working in motorsports PR

Christian “This Guy” Ocariza (Class of 2006)
– Team Captain of the N.U.T.S. (Never Underestimate The Skills) Boys Varsity Wrestling Team, 135lbs Weight Class
– Team Captain Fighting Nuts Varsity Football Team, Quarterback
– Team Captain KHS Cheer Squad, Cheerleader
Extra Curricular:
– Choir, Soprano
– Study Hall “Detention”
– Drama Club
Best high school memory: Playing Hide and Seek at night on campus. My favorite hiding spot was behind the the gym where they threw away the old Kukui nuts. When security would try and catch us, I’d grab a handful of those nuts and throw then on the floor behind me… Hahaha good times!
Current Occupation: Retail Sales Manager, Volunteer Firefighter, USAF Reserve, Part-time College student pursing BA in I/O Psychology
Christine Rambo (Class of 1980)
Activities: Secretary of “Haoles Speak da Bird” Club, Honor Society (until I started hanging out with Mike Spain in our senior year)
Sports: Powder Puff Football, Surf club, Cheerleader
Awards: Best “tropical” tattoos, Most likely to break a leg while doing Zumba.
Exchange student from Zuma Beach SoCal which was an easy transition since I was already NUTS! Currently living on the Big Island enjoying new recipes using Nutella.
Christine Strobel (Class of 1990)
Varsity Cheer (Go Nuts!), Tennis Team, Math Club, French Club. Spent down time pining for Steve “Haole-Boy” McGarrett, captain of the Mixed Martial Arts team. Voted “Best Cheekbones” with Chin Ho Kelly.

Christopher Lai (Class of 2009)
Hey! I just graduated this passed year after my family moved and I transferred from Mililani High School, but I wanna sign up for this thing too. You might remember me from “KKHS,” the campus televised morning bulletin, or “Voted most likely to marry a kitchen appliance.” Like that would ever happen. Kukui High is the Bestest!

Cloudia Charters (Class of 1987)
I was NOT happy when my family moved to Oahu just in time for my senior year in High School in 87. That first morning on campus I knew that I wasn’t in Philadelphia anymore! But when Chin Ho Kelly pulled up on his red-muddy off-road motorbike I just wanted to ride on that back seat. Never happened – he never knew I existed. After all, he was a great quarterback, and I spent most of my time smoking under the bleachers with the theater mahus. (I’m real glad he got his cool new State job because he could never be a crooked cop.) I wasn’t born in the islands, but when someone asks me “Where you grad?” I’m super happy to be able to say KUKUI! Go Nuts!
Cynthia Miller Lanting (1986-1989)
– Cheerleader
– Senior Year Homecoming Prom Queen
– Swim Team
– Surf Club
– Graphic Arts Club
– Career Now: Interior Designs
Cynthia “Cindy Girl” Luis (Class of 1973)
– Girl athlete of the year, 4
– Varsity basketball 1, 2, 3, 4
– Varsity paddling, 3, 4
– JV inner tube waterpolo, 1, 2
– Boys varsity basketball scorekeeper 3, 4
– Ka Pa Hula O Kukui 2, 3
– NHS 2, 3, 4
– Quill & Scroll, 2, 3, 4
– Kukui High Courier, editor 4; sports editor, 2, 3
– Cameo appearance in Almost Famous (Ask Cameron about Tiny Dancer)
– Miss Malassada 3
Cindy (Pinkie) Roland (Class of Awesomeness)
Activities – Putting notches in my lipstick case – an avid supporter of the Mighty Fighting Nutz. Too many jokes could be inserted here… but I’ll refrain.
– Voted most likely to be divorced more than once.
Had a real thing for that hunkstud Steve McGarrett #5-0. He was HOT. Loved to watch him flex his biceps during football practice while I painted my toenails in the bleachers. Still enjoy watching McGarrett flex his biceps while painting my toenails. He’s still so HOT. Husband #3 watches from the sidelines and scratches his head. Some things never change. Go Fighting Nutz!
Cindy Scheopner (Class of 1971-ish)
Exchange student junior year. Speech and debate rock star on the mainland, failed to make the KHS team due to her inability to pronounce words composed of strings of vowels unsullied by consonants; didn’t even attempt bird (to her credit). Undaunted, she turned to journalistic endeavors that included mailing photos of Hawaii in the dead of the mainland winter accompanied by breezy letters that sound suspiciously like latter-day blog posts. Still has her “Fighting Nuts” pep club sweater and slippers with the official Kukui High School seal.
Colin Sato (Class of 80 something)
Extra Curricular Activities: Student Council, Apple II Club, Commodore 64 Club, TRS 80 Club, Atari Club, Yearbook, Chair of the Kukui Nut “Sack Club” I helped organize fundraisers to support our Fighting Nuts. Every time our football team recorded a Sack, I got the business community to donate money support the Kukui Nut “Sack Club”. Also helped to organize pep rallies, bonfires and spirit events. Favorite Quote (voted on by class), “Who knew that Kukui Nuts were so flammable?”
Cory Gentry (Class of 1967)
– Drama 2, 3, 4 (Junior Play: “All’s Well That Ends Nuts”, Senior Play “Much Ado About Nuts”)
– Journalism/Yearbook 2, 3, 4
– Editor: Kukui News – “Nuts to You”
– Long Board Team 3, 4
– Kui Lee/Don Ho Fan Club (“Pearly nuts, from the ocean…”)
– Ambition: Attend UH Drama with Bette Midler & Georgia Engel
Craig Garcia (Class of 1999)
Bowling, Football, Track and Field, News Media, Prestigious Football Homecoming Court Escort, 1998 Bowling MVP, Once got tackled by opposing teams mascot for dancing in celebration in front of him (in hindsight probably not a great idea). Currently owns Honolulu based production company (grass roots production and promotions). Returned to campus to coach the Air Rifle Team going on 9 years strong!
Dan Zelikman (Class of 2002)
– Captain of the Knitting Team
– Captain of the Competitive Pogs Team
– Captain of the Debate Team
– Member of Speakers of Hawaii Organization
– Member of the KHS Nut Weekly Newspaper
– President of the Tea in the Afternoon Club
– Head Dungeon Master for D&D Tournaments
– Pogs Champion 99′ 00′ and 01′
– “Connect Four” Runner-Up Champion
– “Guess Who?” Runner-Up Champion
– Voted Most Likely to Never Stop Talking
Currently: All that talking at KHS landed Dan a job where all he does is communicate. Dan is the Marketing/Community Host at the recent start-up launched in Honolulu, Dan is always talking technology and communication, and when he’s not you can find him surfing, climbing, or hiking off the beaten path.
Daniel L. Balmores (Class of ####)
-Activities: @SoulTapestry Poetry & Creative Writing Club (Founder/President) LGBT Alliance, Kukui High Society of the Arcane & Paranormal (Founder/Archmage), Student Exchange Program – NerdFighteria.
– Honors: Voted: “Most Likely to Become Sorcerer Supreme.” & “Most Likely to Beat Up Your Bully”.
– Outstanding Moments: Winning/sharing Senior Prom King w/ my date Mick St. John.
– Yearbook Quote: “But Faith is my Sword. Truth my Shield. Knowledge my Armor.”, Dr. Stephen Strange.
– Current Whereabouts: Classified.
Dave “What, I owe you money” Lancaster (Class of 1975, 76 and finally 77)
President of KHS Drama Club where every show we put on was a little nuts. Highlight was starring and directing the Sr. class play “One Flew Over The Kukui Nut” playing Randle McNutty. A perfect play for us since it took place in a nut house! Got beat-up at the Jr. class Halloween costume ball for dressing up as Mr. Peanut. Also voted “Most likely to suck seed” (because “suck nuts” sounds too weird).
David Heaukulani (Class of 1930)
Chemistry Club, Accounting Club, Glee Club, Swimming Team under coach Duke Kahanamoku, Voted most likely to succeed, Cum Laude University of Chicago 1934.

Became Brewmeister for Al Capone in 1937 then later taught accounting to Myer Lansky. Made a mistake of mixing explosives for Big Al which sent some rivals to the great luau in the sky. Met the famous Elliot Ness in court and am now a lifetime resident at Statesville Institution. Would love to hear from former Kukui Nuts classmates if any are still alive. Send snail mail to Lifer’s Row, Statestville Prison, 17250 S. Weber Road Crest Hill, Illinois 60441.

David Pippin (Class of 1983)
I played safety and wide receiver on the undefeated district champs in 1982. I am in the Kukui Nut Hall of Fame. I was the malasada eating champion my senior year. I consumed three dozen malasadas in 10 minutes and went into a temporary sugar induced coma. I played the haole guy in the school play called, “Haole Goes to Hanalei.” I met my future wife at a shave ice stand on the north shore.
David J. Sikkink (Class of 1982)
– Almost Honors grad
– Theatre Arts: Played understudy to the lead “Hamnut”,
– Baseball: Center Field or um “left out”
– Paddling team: The Floating Nuts
– Voted most likely to end up in Waikiki, juggling nuts for money.
– Was heard to say, upon release by the HPD from being implicated as a suspect in the unfortunate Administration building fire incident, “Wat kinna cops ah you?”
Dennis ‘hawaiiguy’ Yanos (Class of 1976)
Spirit of ’76!
– French I, II, III Annual Awards for Best Student
– Basketball Player of the Year (combined ILH/OIA Leagues) -1976
– Cross Country Runner – ’74-’76
– Choir Club ’76
– Key Club ’74-’76
– NHS Club ’74-’76
– Judo Club ’75
Dennis Yates (Class of 1983)
– Wrestling
– Baseball
– French club
– Science club
– Math Club
Doc “Diggler” Rock (Class of ’69)
Retired Disco Dancer turned DJ and Real Estate Agent.
– Sports: Football, Track, Soccer
– Clubs: Debate, Disco, Music
– Awards: Best Dancer, Best Dresser

Donald “Nutz” Eads (Class of Whenevahs)
Don is da mos’ famous drop-out and drop-in from Kukui High School. You wanna make something out of it? Why? No one knows, not even him, but is true you know. Also known as “Kolohe Mauka,” Eads raised a whole lotta smart kids but most of ‘dem was not even his. His ability to hanai is only overshadowed by his own inability to excel at Kukui. Principal Rap Bumatai said of “Kolohe Mauka” (KM for short), “Who Dat?” Steve McGarrett was much kinder, saying, “I remember the fifth time Eads took Study Hall. I let him copy from me, but he still failed. And more than once, I had to have Danno book him even in high school.” Chinn Ho offered this major insight, “Kolohe Mauka was, and is, da mos’ famous drop-out and drop-in of Kukui High School.” No one, not even his kids, remembers what he looks like because he was hardly never in class! Go Nutz!
Dwayne Abuel (Class of 1987)
I was in the band program, literally the only one in my class left in band therefore by default couldn’t be Band Geek, a category named in previous years and years after, because I was the only one in my class no one cared to put me in. I was part of the DECA club in my senior year. I went to every winterball and prom. Today I am a teacher in the department of education and am in the technology department. I am Technology Coordinator/Teacher.

Edward “Get Nuts” Sugimoto (Class of ’90-something)
– Student Body President, Vice President and Treasurer (all in the same year!)
– Yearbook Editor, Publisher, and Photographer
– Columnist for Kukui High Courier (with a column called “World Wide Ed” of course!)
– Lettered in: Basketball, Baseball, Track & Field, and experimental Wrestling/MMA team
– Member of Drama Club, Interact Club, Computer Club and Hawaii Five-O Fan Club (hoping this one gets me on the show. LOL!)
– Lead singer for “Asian Persuasion” touring all over Kaimuki and Pearl City.
– Won the “Shortest shorts and longest striped socks award” three years in a row
– Voted most likely to finally grow up and be the spokesperson for the “Milk It Does a Body Good” campaign
– Quote: “I’m gonna take this itty bitty world by storm, and I’m just gettin’ warm” (LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out)
Eldon “Glory” Delos Santos (Class of 1985)
– Ballet, Drama Club, Band, Founder of the Cassette and Vinyl Restoration Club, Semi-Pro Wrestling Team
– Most Gracious (x2), Best Balance (x2), Most Likely to Give Birth
– 8 time Co-holder of the Inter-Island Tag Team Championship.
Eldon is now head of the witness protection program, geriatric division.
Elizabeth “Dancing Queen” Freeman Ahana (Class of 90 something)
– Homeroom rep
– Prom committee
– Dance and social committee
– Ka Pa Hula o Kukui
– track team (lettered)
– drama club (production cred: The Kukui Nutcracker, Let’s Get Nuts, No Ack Nuts and everyone’s favorite Nut’ting to Lose)
– Prepping and Cabbage Patch champ 3 years in a row
My memories of Kukui High are fond ones. From the bonfire that went oh so wrong to the toilet paper incident with Chin Ho, he’ll never live that down! Haha!
Elsie “Eleki” Sono (Class of 19??)
Not just cum laude, but thankyew laude!
– Community Volunteers Club – “Need Help? We’re good for nothing!” – 3,4
– Nuts Cracker Marching Band (bass kazoo) – 2,3,4
– Nut Roles Drama Club – 2,3
– Homecoming Court – “Miss Understood”- 3
– Moiliili Musubi Queen – 4
– Voted: Most Likely to Avoid Incarceration
– Favorite Memories: Cutting Mrs. Oguri’s class so we could get to Gulick Deli by 9:30 and avoid the lunch rush, working the shave ice booth at the annual carnival for the “snowball” fights, Spam Musubi Stacking competitions
– Worst Memory: First/last day of track practice and finding out you’re supposed to go OVER the hurdles
– Current employment – Federal Witness Protection Program
Eric Glen Mariano (Class of ’89)
– State Champion for Wrestling and Judo but stopped because somebody told me nobody will ground fight in the future
– Varsity Baseball Pitcher injured hand Senior year from punching those big buttons on the Street Fighter Game
– Chess Club (Sergeant-at-Arms) had to keep members in check, you don’t know what they can do with those pieces
– High School Job working at SBC Packers “If you pack with us, we’ll pack with you.”
– Favorite Moment at Kukui High is when our football team beat our long time High School rival the Mauna Loa Macs for the State Champ
– Not So Favorite Moment When Chin Ho Kelly left us at Morgan’s Corner. Gotta get him back for that one, maybe I’ll tell him Kono is pregnant and I’m the father.
– Year Book Quote: “NO SKED UM, GO GET UM!”
Erika “The Dagger” Engle (Class of Neva Mind)
Student Gov’t, Social Committee, Yearbook, underground newspaper (short-lived); “Most Dedicated” award, freshman year, in volleyball (cause da bench was some shiny whea I wen sit!); “Cosmopolitan” representative on May Day Court in freshman year (before we used the word “multiethnic”); Statistician for the boys’ basketball team.
Eron “Ho’opono” Garcia (Class of 1987)
– Kukui High Courier Editor, 1987
– Yearbook staff, 1986 & 1987
– Drama Club
– Varsity Football
Awards: Voted “Most Likely to Drive His Car Into the Pacific”
Senior year quote: “My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk.” -John Keats
Fernando Pacheco (Class of 1996)
I was the drum major of the Fighting Nuts Marching Band during my junior and senior year. I was also the president of the KHS spirit committee, known as the “Fiesty Nuts.” In my junior year, I was the treasurer of the KHS Young Libertarian Club, also known as the “Left Nut.”

While in high school, I started a ska/punk band called PIMPBOT and we played every KHS prom from the years of 1992-1996. I currently still perform with this band today and fellow alumni can follow us on Twitter @pimpbot.

Fernando “Nando” Pizarro (Class of ’85)
– Activities: Kukui High Courier (Editor, ’83-’84; copy boy, ’84-’85), Drama Club (Best boy, key grip, gaffer, worst boy), Yearbook Staff (Airbrush artist), ’84 State Championship Surfing Team (Surfboard waxer), Apple IIe Club (Enforcer), Jazz Band (Roadie), Glee Club (Booking agent) Chess Club (Chess board waxer), Voted Most Likely to be Voted Most Likely (’84-’85’)
– Miscellaneous: Wrote “unofficial” school song, “Don’t Go Home, Go Nuts!” to the tune of “Hawaii Five-O” or “Five-0,” not sure which one.
– Current: Proud husband and father of three, enjoying living in Paradise!
Fletcher Young (Class of ’87)
– Band Geek
– Chess Club
– Bodybuilding Club
– TRS-80 Club
– Pinewood Derby champion; Kicked out of bowling club for repeated attempts at perfecting an overhand style; Voted most likely to build a kick-ass car stereo system just to play classical music.
– Currently employed by Juan de Fuca University in Washington State (Fuca U! Fuca U!)
Frank “Tumbler” Hamm (wannabe class 1980)
In 1979 my parents sent me from Germany to Hawaii so my uncle (former Navy officer) would educate me “the hard way”. He thought Kukui High be a good place to learn. I felt LOST on the island and tried several times to escape. Once they caught me aboard a freighter heading to Shanghai, once my surf board broke somewhere in between Hawaii and Midway. I was so foolish. Finally I started feeling comfortable at Kukui High. I even felt in love with… (I don’t remember her name). I had so many plans. But then I was drafted into German Air Force. I had to leave paradise without graduation, I was so sad! Now I’m a blogger in Germany trying to make a lot of money for my return to paradise.
– Almost yearbook quote: “I don’t have any problems with my English! It’s my teachers who have the problems!”
Franklin Allaire (Class of 1995)
– Current Occupation: Teacher and habitual volunteer
– Hobbies: Professional beard enthusiast and part-time Internet critic of the Internet
– Interests: the beach, thai food, camping, and running
– Sports: Founder of the Kukui High School curling team (State champions 1992 – 1995)
– Clubs: Band, Newspaper (Kaleo o Kukui), Yearbook, KHS Imrov team (The Wingnuts), Science Club
– Awards: 1994 amateur scientist award for “the nutmeg postulate”, 3rd place in a Franklin Allaire lookalike contest
– Voted: Most likely to be an extra in a crime scene drama, most studious, most likely to cause an accident in the science lab
– Best KHS Memories: “Definitely Homecoming! We had so much pride at KHS. Everywhere you went it was all about the Nuts…especially when we played Kahuku, Kaimuki, Kalani or any other school that started with a K. I can still remember the cheer contests in the gym…we got nuts, yes we do…we got nuts, how ’bout you!”
– Yearbook quote: If you’re not part of the solution…you’re the precipitate.
Fred Jumayao (Class of 1979)
Transfer student from Guam – Father Duenas Memorial High.
– Chess Club
– School Newspaper Co-editor
– Aikido Club
– School BBS Sysop / Computer Club
– NJROTC, Drill Team and Rifle Team (Rank Marksman) – now TF2 Sniper
– Bible Club
– Class Song – Heartbeat City, Cars
– Senior Saying: “Remember, wherever you go – there you are”

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  1. Love it love it LOVE IT! What better radio station than Hawaii’s Old School Station… too cool! I’ll be listening!

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