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Yearbook Update

Yearbook Editor Momi Lomilomi is suffering from Repetetive Stress Injury (RSI) caused by the overwhelming volume of submissions received. Additions will be delayed, and your patience is appreciated. If you are on Facebook, we encourage you to instead submit your KHS yearbook entry to the Kukui High page on Facebook (or sharing it on your own profile and tagging the Kukui High page).

Are You a KHS Alum?

If you attended Kukui High School and wish to be included on the site, please send an e-mail with your name (and maiden name, if applicable), the year you graduated (or the years you attended), as well as any clubs or programs you were involved in, and any awards you may have received. Finally, we’d love to share any news about what you’re up to today.

Because the KHS revival was born on Twitter, priority will be given to alumni with Twitter profiles. Please provide your Twitter username or URL if you have one.

A photo is required for inclusion (preferably an embarrassing high school photo), and we would like to use your real name or a close variation thereof. Unfortunately, entries for pets, inanimate objects, and purely fictional characters will probably not be included.

62 thoughts on “Yearbook”

  1. Loved being the MC for Class of 88 all night Project Grad back in the day when I worked on the air on KIKI in Honolulu on Bishop street in the DaviesPacificCenter … 😉

    Still bothers me when Chin Ho Kelly says ‘Hana-lulu’ instead of HONO-lulu!
    …still Chin…keep up the Hawaiian activism ..Chin UP !
    Still have my KUKUI nut lei.
    Alumni welcome to stop by and visit on Kaua`i at KONG fm 93.5

    1. Ron:
      We’re supposed to forgive these foreign actors for their inability to pronounce our beautiful Hawaiian names. And remember, none of them is a grad of Kukui High. Cordell, Class of ’58.

  2. Hey guys, remember when Chin Ho Kelly won “Most Likely to Own The Counter One Day”? Did anyone know what that meant? And you may be wondering how I could have been working for Oceanic Air since 1977 when I graduated in 1988. Well there is thing about an island when I was flying back from Sydney. Long story. I could share it over some brews at JJ Dolans or Murphy’s. Shoots!

    1. I’m so sad that no one mentioned how awesome Will L’s comment is. This had the Lostie in me laughing to tears! Beers at JJ Do. or Murph’s for sure!

  3. I remember the days when Chin Ho’s cousin would come by and check me out and flirt with me! Who would have thought that titta and I would be engaged and I would be working at Cowabunga! Computers! (I know.. shameless plug).

  4. Nadine, I know it’s nutz, but I’m willing if Shawn is. We need a nice-looking hunk to play the lead in the Saturday Nut Fever production. Any volunteers? Auditions in the KHS Auditorium. Hmm… the all-class reunion would be the perfect time for the performance.

  5. Some classmates want us to make a video of us singing our school fight song, complete with dancers and band. Guess we should wait until our alumni apparel arrives. Words to the fight song are on our Facebook page. Go Nuts!

  6. I remember back in the day when Erika Engle nevah wen let me sit at her table ‘fo lunch.. an wen Stephanie Lum and Rosella Shishido stay watching us in Kung Fu Club.. what a rush! …till dat Chin Ho Kelly wen kick my ass one day. Choke bruises….

  7. Good to see us all reconnect and share the memories. Enjoyed Ricoboy’s story about 11the grade. I was showing off for the girls as usual.
    Going surfing now with cuz.

  8. So delighted to see our school finally has an alumni website! Anyone there from the Mighty Class of 1994! Aloha all you Nuts!!!!

  9. Ikaika K’night Moves (class of 19-polyesteryears)

    Sports: Wrestling, Kenpo, French Kiss Tongue-Fu
    Activities: School Satire News Staff, “you-still-get-em” Dance Club, Sgt of Arms of da “book book bruddahs”

    Awards: Lasting More than 2 Minutes

    “…yeah so anyways I go to the reunions now and shmirk when I look at the was good, still bad and definitely still ugly…”

    shout out to our Hawaii Warriors team at SuperHero City

  10. Awesome the idea guys … gettin’ a kick here …. so keep it coming!
    Don’t forget … everyone’s looking to go green …. Kukui High School is as green as it’ll get! … Best Wishes
    We’ll be looking out for yah!

  11. Howzit guys. Class of 1985 we are alive. We rocked the house in the fall picnic competitions amongst classes. Captain of the football team 3 year letterman. Has anyone see Kuku “Luku” Nuts? Tell him he still own me lunch money.

  12. I am so glad the administrators are doing this. So many people I want to reconnect with. I had no idea that Craig Garcia was a KHS alum. “GOOOOOO NUTS”!

    So, here’s my KHS resume: Class of …. um, I forget (nahnahnah)

    I sang lead in most of the shows at the Kukui Nuthouse Theatre, but I couldn’t dance, so the sound guy had to put the mike on me and a fake mike on the one who could bust a move. It’s my voice they still play on the morning bulletins “Aloooooha kakahiaka kakou `ia ke kula kukui”, but I hear the tape (TAPE!) is pretty worn out now.

    My clubs were Senior Dance Committee, Spirit Committee, French Club, Drama Club, Mixed Nuts Social Club, and Choir. I wanted to form a Procrastinators Club, but I never got around to it. Maybe I will now. Mmmm, on second thought, maybe later.

    I was voted “Most Likely to Suck (Li Hing Mui) Seed” and “Most Likely to be Full of Surprises”.

    So far, both have been right.

  13. Remember the time that our cheerleading team won first place in the national finals (I seem to recall that it was in my senior year) and were later disqualified because Hawai`i was not a STATE. Senior advisor Mr. Nahuali`ili`i handpicked the Nuts team that year. And I recall that several of them — Sandy Beech, Teri Aki and Pua Ting — all went on to Waikiki University where they became very polished. Anyone remember the other members of that winning team?

  14. I tink maybe I had amnesia at Kukui Nut School, cause I’ve forgotten half of you….wait…let me go check my year book….where IS my year book????

  15. So happy to see this website! Awesome! I remember the days when I use to help Steve McGarrett with his japanese homework! I was a lucky gal! Woot! Woot! Go fighting Nutz! **wink, wink**

  16. Fondly remembering the Thanksgiving Day football game — then called The Nut Bowl — in which our beloved Kukui Nuts trounced McKinley’s Mac Nuts 52-3, causing McKinley to drop out of the nut division and become Tigers.

  17. Talofa! Transfa from Kahuku and proud to be offensive line ‘fo dakine Chin Ho.
    ay, I remember Rosella and Stephanie too… always gawking little girls. Now look at um… cheeeeeehooo!

  18. I graduated in 1983 and I played softball and was voted best hall romer. and me and a few of my classmate use to get out of class and hang in the dark room. loved to go to football games and eat.

  19. Was on the baseball team. We were state champs in 81 and was runner up in 82 to Mcully high. Looking for any one who grad in 82 to drop me a line

  20. Eh…Class of ’64…wheah you guys? Swim Team, Booster Club, Mr. Ching’s Spanish class, Period 2, Miss Ing’s Biology class (sophomore year), Mr. Baker’s Hawaiian Conversation class……wat wen happen you guys? Wheah you stay? Me like know…dis da year we goin’ celebrate our 64th B-day…so, you like pahty or what?

  21. Hey Mits…just saw that slogan in 6 inch letters on the tailgate of the Spanish teacher’s truck over at Kaiser High School! Good to see that our alumni are taking some of the Kukui pride with them and showing it off to the next generation! Eh, how come you no mo picture?

  22. get choke shout outs to Kukui allumni tonight on my slow jam show, the KUMU Quiet Storm… You graduated from Kukui high, I’ll give YOU a shout tonight on 94.7 KUMU!

  23. Love it love it LOVE IT! What better radio station than Hawaii’s Old School Station… too cool! I’ll be listening!

  24. Aunty Momi Lomilomi,

    I just got back from overseas with my family living aboard for the past 15 years making a living and was horrified to hear about Freeman Hall! Well here’s to Class of 87 we rocked the islands go! nuts every where. I remember Coach Kono telling us on our Aloha Airlines flight from Oahu to over there my senior year we going stomp on the WildRats….. Cheeeehooooooo…………………… WE Rocked the big BIG Island. Go Fighting Nuts! all the time.

    What ever happened to Mailana head cheerleader? Has anyone seen her?

    I heard she was married to Kapulu Fallscrak from Guava High our biggest rivals. Come on nuts don’t mix with the Guava’s! Like our class president Merle said amnesia + being away for long time. Any one from C/O 87 look me up i’m back in town.

  25. I remember us growing up in the Kukui Schools. Good times!! What a close family the class of ’96 was! We graduated from “Small Kine Nuts” at the elementary school to “Growing Nuts” at the intermediate school, and then we all became “Raging Nuts!” at the High School! Kukui Pride!

  26. Mahalo for the SpiRit into putting this together for all us KHS supporters! I can’t stop laughing at all the antics and happenings and conversations we imagined we did at KHS! WOW LAU LAU……Good Times…..Pay it forWard…..AloHa!

  27. Ho, dissisit, finally, a yearbook! So many memories…. da bess include aunties working in cafeteria sneakin’ me leftova kalua pig undacova style! And always late for Mr Chang’s class…. always hearing “ay faka, whaaa… you late again”? Mean.
    Stay nuts!

  28. Ho, now I stay Hilo side , and missing the connection to the old KHS nuts
    All my small keed time life I used to live Waikiki Jungle watching the beach center guys gedding all da bit parts on Five-0
    be there

  29. Tried to post this on the FB page but without much luck, so I figured to post it here (well, it’s there, it just doesn’t show up in the feed for others):

    Anyone knows if general Anthony “Nuts” McAuliffe ( went to our school? If not, he should become a honorary student!

    Gotta love it…. “To the German Commander, NUTS!, The American Commander”

    (And while we’re at it, the officer who typed and delivered this message should be considered as well imho 🙂

  30. I met a lot of great friends at Kukui High! Oh, and I do remember Mr. Chang, he scared me out of talking pidigin! 😉 I cannot forget though when Mr. Chang was in his “cooking ” Phase and brought his ahi limu poke to class for us to try…I think I boycotted poke for 12 years because of it!

  31. I’m glad to see that so many of Kukui High’s alums are so into getting in touch. We really should get together and have a “BIG” reunion. Maybe at the Hawaii Convention Center?

    Where can I get a school T-shirt?

    By the way Mr. Ching taught French as well as Spanish. I remember too many late nights stuying for the finals to forget his class.


    Amy “Bunnny” Hirokawa

    1. Amy! We’re working on a reunion at Oceans 808 on Nov. 13, but even better, we’re planning a fancy “Winter Ball” on Dec. 4! Mark your calendar and stay tuned. As for school shirts, check out our “Logo Shop” linked at the top of our site!

  32. Cuz, wat kin stuff u talk? Us when speek goog pidgin and not haole. I bust up on dis page. The Japanee all geek but us Portagee get club and soup. I when grad wit Delima and he make us proud( he when priest school) . Da nuts no get queen so we when to Hotel St. and got one mahu to dress nice. Dalima like but nun get mad fo barrow habit.Da haole get surfer and cute wahine. No can get dem. Ambercomie bust out an when UH now gov elect. Pake’ get club -noodles, and so chang. Got one popolo and he when get 13 letters in sports (3 a year and one fo frisbee). Da Korean stay away wit kim chee.Den da Hawaii club took in Mufi saying he when look like dem. Solis when any where dey like. Exchange student from Pakistan made hot stuff curry. He now owns the food bank. Den the Viet Meese come an dey had the pho day (not phurlow). We nevah get ‘kill haole day” but Cataluna was voted most likely to be one.
    So wen you get club names no say stink.

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