Kukui High School alumni can now order certified copies of their KHS diploma!

The tragic destruction of Freeman Hall meant the loss of hundreds of priceless school documents and records. And the Kukui High School administration knows that many proud alumni may have themselves lost or accidentally discarded their diplomas — a simple but symbolic representation of their many triumphs and achievements as “Fighting Nuts.”

In order to assist our graduates in documenting and declaring their successful matriculation, Kukui High School is now allowing alumni to order official KHS diplomas.* These diplomas are custom made, laser printed on 24-pound parchment paper, featuring a gold foil embossed Kukui High School seal, and presented in a striking and sturdy red presentation cover. Suitable for framing, each diploma is hand-signed by Kukui High founders.

Ordering Information

KHS diplomas are $35 each, plus tax and shipping. We’re committing $5 from each sale toward the Koolauloa Educational Alliance Corp. (KEAC) in support of training and other educational initiatives, including a planned Kukui High School Scholarship Fund. To order, please use the order form below (payee is In Real Life, LLC):

Name to appear on diploma:

* Kukui High School diplomas are not official Hawaii state documents and include a disclaimer to that effect.