KHS Yearbook Goes Online

BY KEYSER SOZE | Kukui High Courier — As the KHS community recovers from the tragic loss of historic Freeman Hall earlier this year, the school yearbook program is seizing the opportunity to evolve beyond its once-a-year hardcopy history.

“The school finally got a website this year, and finally got onto Facebook and onto Twitter — the future is now,” said yearbook advisor Momi Lomilomi. “Why do the same old thing, when we can put everything online faster, and update it more frequently?”

Although construction of the new and improved Freeman Hall is well ahead of schedule, the old building took with it over half a century of records, including rosters of past students, staff, and alumni. Lomilomi and her students have embarked on an ambitious project to reconstruct the history of KHS on the web.

“We’re putting out the call far and wide to anyone who was ever part of the Kukui High School family,” she said. “Send in your information, and we’ll put it in our new online yearbook as soon as we can.”

Some of the earliest yearbook entries include former yearbook staffer turned journalist Erika Engle, long-time dance star Elizabeth Ahana, and former football quarterback turned airline pilot Will Lee.

The virtual KHS yearbook can be found on the new KHS website at People are invited to send in their names, their graduating year (or the years they attended), and a list of any school clubs they were in, or any awards they have won.

“We’d also love to know what our graduates are doing now,” Lomilomi added. “And extra credit for including a photo!”

11 thoughts on “KHS Yearbook Goes Online”

  1. The class of 1977 was a tight knit group of kolohe kukuis. We had fun painting unshelled macadamia nuts red, green, yellow & brown and selling them to tourist as “bumbucha” M&M’s in Waikiki. In shop, we only had one project all year long – making kukui nut lei for the doormen at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Our class candy was Almond Joy…because “Almond Joys got NUTS, mounds don’t.” Aloha fellow Kukui…”Gooooooooo NUTS!”

    1. That Crazy Nut Greg Gabaylo Can’t even Spell his own High School Name! It’s KUKUI High School!!! LOL!!! We Love You anyway Greg For All The Nutty Thing’s you did for our school! Your Principal- Mr. PeaNut Brain

  2. Whoa Brah! My parents wen lose my yearbook almost ten years ago li’ dat. Wen you guyz wen put da yearbook online I wuz so excited fo finally get one chance to relive all those wonderful memories li’ dat. Keep up da good work. Shootz Brah!

    Michael “Da Kine” McCartney
    Kukui High School Class of ’90 li’ dat

  3. I drive a real-life Five-O taxicab in Waikiki………. complete with theme music on every ride. The iconic theme music always brings smiles and laughs from people visiting from all over the world.

  4. Would like to provide my information and a picture for the Class of ’84 yearbook! The Kukui Kings, I mean Nutz Rock!!!

    National Honor Society 2, 3, 4
    Marching Band 1, 2
    DECA 1, 2, 3, 4
    Volleyball Team 1, 2, 3, 4 – State Champs in 1984

    Senior Moment: Belching the entire alphabet during Mrs. Abe’s Senior English class. ! week detention for my proudest moment!

    Currently President/Owner of Fletcher’s Kennels. We rescue greyhounds and cats; none are turned away. We now have franchises in 41 states and 5 countries.

    Go Nuts!!!

  5. Ahhhh, doze fond memories of my fellow nuts. Dea wuz big ones, medium ones, and even tiny ones. But da best ones was da singing ones. Our teacha Mr. Nakahira wud gather all us nuts up and we wud hav to sing our alma mater “Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut”. Principal Kobayashi wud b so proud of me today… after graduating in 1975 from Kukui High School, I went to worked for Uncle Jack at da Kukui Nut Factory in Haleiwa. Cracking doze nuts wit my lu’au feet, i truly became da “Human Nut Cracker”, and now i’m proud to say, i’m da head shucker at Menehune Mac. So keep on singing, and keep on cracking…

  6. Oh wow, until coming to this site I didn’t realize just how much I’ve missed my Nuts! I admit I was saddened when all the Nut records went up in flames. Now the memories are flashing back on how incredable it is to be a Nut. My Dad was a class of 1947 Nut. 4 years All Sports Letters. Farmers Club. Military Drill Team. Glad the Nuts got rid of the ROTC in 1970.

    My honors include Longest days cut in a school year and still pass with better than a “C” avarage – 73. Most hand written notes used to skip school in a single school year – 73.

    What a life. Now retired. Live one a 6 acre farm and yes I do grow NUTS! KUKUI! and Macs.

    Go Nuts!, Go Nuts! GOOOO NUTS!

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