KHS Unveils New Mascot, Logo Shop

BY RYAN OZAWA | Kukui High Courier — As part of an ongoing digital makeover that’s transforming the campus, school administrators today unveiled the new Kukui High School mascot, and announced a new online logo shop.

“KHS has never looked better, and our new mascot captures our spirit perfectly,” said vice principal Rap Bumatai. “The kukui nut is tough, it burns bright… and it’s just a little bit kolohe.”

The re-imagined KHS mascot, affectionately known as “Mr. Nut,” was designed by local KHS booster Valentino Valdez.

“The surfboard says Hawaii,” Valdez said, “But everything else, from his flaming torch of a head to his kukui nut lei, says, ‘Go Nuts!'”

It is hoped the new mascot, pictured without a top hat and monacle, will also resolve a long-standing trademark dispute between KHS and the Planters Peanut Co.

Meanwhile, the new logo shop will allow KHS students, staff, and alumni to show off their KHS pride. Valdezign created a special “Fighting Nuts!” design that specifically evokes the high school designs of years past, and which can now be found on shirts, sweaters, and tank tops.

The shop also offers “Student of the Month” bumper stickers, featuring the official KHS seal.

“With so many of our former students coming together online, we wanted to give them something tangible to wear and share,” Bumatai said.

In celebration of the launch, the KHS logo shop is also offering two free iPhone wallpaper designs. KHS community members and fans can install the striking color images of “Mr. Nut” on their smartphones to carry him everywhere they go.

And Valdez said there are more great KHS logo items to come.

“Shirts for pets, water bottles, underwear… the sky is the limit,” he said. “This is a great start, though, and I hope the KHS community embraces this and helps spread the word.”

Recent designs by Valdez include Abercrombie & Schatz shirts, customized Twitter shirts, and two logos for the Honolulu Twestival. For more information, visit

15 thoughts on “KHS Unveils New Mascot, Logo Shop”

  1. Way to go Valentino! You have nut-in to be ashamed of. Just kidding – these are absolutely terrific. I can’t believe how fast this website is being reconstructed after all that’s happened at Kukui. Our old principal, Grace Inn, would have been super proud, had she survived her heart attack from eating too many chicken katsus.

  2. Aloha:

    I can’t find my high school diploma and understand that Kukui High is going to offer diplomas to all of us who swear that we were graduated from KHS, and who are willing to provide the date of commencement (at least the year). I’ll wait until you advertise that service and will order mine, if the price is reasonable. Just imagine, in the near future you’ll be able to walk into the office, classroom, bar, lounge, or other place of “employment” of tens of thousands of alumni and see framed KUKUI HIGH Diplomas, framed and hanging in a most honored, revered, conspicuous place for all to see. And we’re all waiting, anxiously, for the announcement of the first “school reunion.” It’ll be fun. Maybe the old Kukui Nut Band and the Kukui Nutless Rockettes will re-unite to perform for us.

  3. I have a graduating certificate @ KHS in 84 but i can’t find it so if anyone find it please return it thanks. Can I have a shirt too please size XL.

  4. Hey Ryan, great idea and good fun with Kukui High. We have a alumni pep band that plays at high school events, including basketball, volleyball, waterpolo, etc. We would be happy to perform at any Kukui High events. We play sports fan favorites, including Hawaii 5-0, The Hey Song (Rock and Roll Part II), All Day and All of the Night, Charge, Land of 1000 Dances, Let’s Go Blue, Devil with a Blue Dress and more. We can also play the Kukui High Alma Mater–“Nuts Forever”. Just let me know.

    1. Great to hear from you! What an awesome idea. We are currently daydreaming about Kukui High events, maybe even a winter formal or prom, but a peprally or spontaneous Waikiki performance has also crossed our minds. We will definitely keep you in mind, and if you have any specific ideas, we’d love to hear them!

  5. My cousins all graduated from KHS and they ALL prefer the old Mascot– tattoos and all! In addition to the litigation with Planters, getting rid of the old Mascot in favor of the inanimate Kukui Nut for political correctness has been nothing but comical. They haven’t won a division title since McGarrett’s junior year and two years after, when the old Mascot got dumped, it the beginning of the end for KHS football.

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