KHS Yearbook Goes Online

BY KEYSER SOZE | Kukui High Courier — As the KHS community recovers from the tragic loss of historic Freeman Hall earlier this year, the school yearbook program is seizing the opportunity to evolve beyond its once-a-year hardcopy history.

“The school finally got a website this year, and finally got onto Facebook and onto Twitter — the future is now,” said yearbook advisor Momi Lomilomi. “Why do the same old thing, when we can put everything online faster, and update it more frequently?”

Although construction of the new and improved Freeman Hall is well ahead of schedule, the old building took with it over half a century of records, including rosters of past students, staff, and alumni. Lomilomi and her students have embarked on an ambitious project to reconstruct the history of KHS on the web.

“We’re putting out the call far and wide to anyone who was ever part of the Kukui High School family,” she said. “Send in your information, and we’ll put it in our new online yearbook as soon as we can.”

Some of the earliest yearbook entries include former yearbook staffer turned journalist Erika Engle, long-time dance star Elizabeth Ahana, and former football quarterback turned airline pilot Will Lee.

The virtual KHS yearbook can be found on the new KHS website at People are invited to send in their names, their graduating year (or the years they attended), and a list of any school clubs they were in, or any awards they have won.

“We’d also love to know what our graduates are doing now,” Lomilomi added. “And extra credit for including a photo!”