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Kukui High School Tees

Powered by Aloha Fun Wear! Available online, free USPS shipping for orders over $25:

Fitted Womens 50 Shirt Black


Fitted Womens 50 Shirt Red


Men’s 50 Shirt Black


Men’s 50 Shirt Red


Embroidered Items

Powered by Threads Hawaii! Available any time, stitched on demand, just order online for delivery or in-store pickup (1513 Young St., just off Kalakaua Ave.):

Kukui High Seal Embroidered Polo Shirt

Embroidered Polo Shirt – Women’s

A touch of class for any class! This sharp, 100 percent Pique cotton polo shirt is preshrunk and features Hanes’ signature ComfortSoft finish for superior softness. Available in classic white, red, or black. Stitched on demand, order online for delivery or in-store pickup!

Now available in a women’s cut! Features a 6.8 oz. 100 percent combed ring-spun pique cotton shirt with a four-button placket (with pearlized button). Available in black or white. Stitched on demand, order online for delivery or in-store pickup!

Kukui High Seal Embroidered Mesh Cap

You can’t top a KHS grad, except with this sporty cap. This 100 percent polyester mesh hat features a six-panel low crown with fused buckram backing, and a comfortable fabric adjustment strap with velcro closure. Available in red, white, and black.

KHS Wallpapers – Free!

60 Responses to Logo Shop

  1. Rusty RedNightBird says:

    Hey….I always feel like I am going nuts…..now I know where I am headed.

    Go, Nuts!

  2. Got a request for a shirt from the PE department on my blog post comments. Also school ID (but you’d probably get detention for selling those).

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  4. ZZ Type says:

    Hey, I want a school seal T-shirt, or maybe an embroidered polo, eh?

  5. Glen says:

    Is everything ready now? And where gotta go for the local pick up? Be cool to wear the t-shirt at Bayfest tomorrow!

  6. KHS says:

    ZZ Type: School seal items, and possibly embroidery, is planned!

    Glen: Sorry, not ready now. Earliest for the bumper sticker is next Friday, and probably the same timeline for things ordered direct through Zazzle. The locally screenprinted shirt may take longer, depending on how many orders come in.

  7. Harry says:

    Also need to create a Tee or Polo shirt with the word “Alumni” displayed on the bottom of the logo.

  8. Glen says:

    That’s too bad–you missing a golden opportunity to promote/sell with the Bayfest tomorrow and Sunday. No wonder the best business Chin Ho Kelly can run is the gift shop!

  9. Bill Sodeman says:

    Heh! Will a portion of the KHS merchandise sales be donated to the Aloha State’s public high schools… you know, the real public high schools that actually have students?

  10. KHS says:

    Bill, if we raise even $10 with this fun little exercise, I’ll donate $20. But where? Is there a general Department of Education fund? Should we target a specific school? Kahuku was apparently the original beneficiary of the TV treatment.

  11. Pkicks says:

    Maybe you could donate it to the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation? http://www.pshf.org/

  12. John Garcia says:

    Sweet! Would totally rock the seal sticker!

  13. Brian Ogata says:

    What about a Kukui High license plate frame?

    • tutusue says:

      YES! Definitely a license plate frame. I need a replacement for my Waianae No Ka Oi frame that was sold with my previous car. The sale was conditional on that frame. I hoping a KHS frame will increase the value of my current car. Pretty puhleeeeze?!

  14. KHS Class of 84 says:

    Hey we need Android wallpaper too…

  15. Jonathan Mankuta says:

    Need to make the shirts in BLACK as well! Black shirts sell better than white ones.

  16. Lace Lancaster daughter of David Lancaster (unfortunately) says:

    ah yes tourist magnets. Go spend your money, make Hawaii rich. Silly nuts. GOD DAMN THAT’S JUST SO CORNY I’M STILL LAUGHING.

  17. Hey Fighting Nuts, we finally made it into the internet! Oh boy I cannot wait to connect with all our Waikiki Beach Boys class of ’74. Just to nickname a few Midnight, Purple, Rabbit, Crab, China, Ika, Snow, Sandy, Kelli Boy, Blackie, Hale, Snappy and of course Mr. Shea our P.E. teacher and surf team coach. Of course P.E. was right there at Waikiki Beach Center and Mr. Shea is still surfing early dawn before the sun rise there at Canoes at Kuhio Beach. Well, I’m going to have to dig up memories from this box of “Hard Head” as my mama would say. Remember the submarine races up at Diamond Head Light House? hehehehehe! Ooops! good night honey!

  18. Jean Simon says:

    You should sell these at the upcoming (Creation) Twilight Con – Dec. 3 – 5 at the Sheraton Waikiki. They’ll be selling other logo stuff besides Twilight. Maybe you can share a booth with someone else? Bet they’d sell…

  19. Kendall Lee says:

    Don’t forget a black t-shirt with just the school seal logo in white (small one on left front chest & large one on back). Mahalo nui =)

  20. scrivener says:

    I love the shirts, but I can’t wear white. I’d love to see some dark colors. Like black.

  21. First2fight says:

    No,I think we need to pick out a school like Thomas Jefferson Elem. School in Waikiki, who currently makes parents buy soap and toiletpaper so that our kids are allowed to go to school there. It’s an embarrassment of what our schools don’t or won’t buy for their students. Go figure,GO NUTS!

  22. Stubbs says:

    I can’t remember our school song. Anyone know it?

  23. Greg 'Kolio' Taylor says:

    This is great, I am waiting to see the school seal on a cap or visor.

  24. Trace says:

    Hope you guys can make the logo as a polo shirt – then we can all represent @ work!

  25. John Bender says:

    The Fighting Nut mascot is great! Better than the mascot from another KHS that I attended before the district exemption came through and I was able to transfer to Kukui High.

  26. Josh Dela Cruz says:

    Dri fit shirts!

  27. Marian Okada says:

    Hey Ryan
    Cool site! Your dad is visiting Tokyo and he told me about your great work – go nuts!

  28. Diane says:

    Need some at the upcoming #HISMS!

  29. AnnR says:

    Hey, I live at Kukui Plaza and it is located on Kukui Street and I went to Kukui High. How nuts is that?

  30. Hut Ho says:

    We Kukui High School grads have always been tough nuts to crack. Mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.

    Das’ supah’ nutz’!

  31. Carol Kellogg says:

    I would love the school seal on a gray or tan background. Do you plan to have a local outlet ( Walmart etc) or can we by them at the Craft fair @ the blairdell in Nov for Christmas gifts.

  32. Darlene Lovelace says:

    I am planning on going as the Kukui High School Homecoming Queen for a Halloween party next week. How can I get the Figthing Nutz logo or school logo to put on my sash? I already have the ribbon and sequins, and thinking of hanging Kukui Nuts off of it.

  33. Karina says:

    Any chance you’ll be getting some more of the basic Kukui High 50 shirts in? And I’m with everyone else…something other than white? Maybe you can flip the colors, red shirt, white logo, at least…

    I like the idea of a license plate frame too, and a hat or a visor, dri-fit shirts… 🙂 We’ll buy ‘um! And as a schoolteacher in Maine…I love the idea of some donations in the name of some schools. Perhaps you could form the Kukui High Foundation, I’d even make straight donations!

  34. Merry Lee says:

    Football jerseys. #12 for Chin Ho. #50 for McGarrett.

  35. cyndy hung says:

    Howz about some scoop neck t’s for women who don’t wear the usual t-shirts?

  36. Andy Konopka says:

    Finally, us nuts that no one could crack see the light of day…the more the better couz, so market us to the public! BTW, when is our next reunion, class of ’72?

  37. ginica says:

    We also could use some running shorts, tank tops, sweatshirts with the KHS logo. Mahalo…Class of 1969

  38. nadia says:

    I think all proceeds should go to students who show school pride along with state pride, together as one team. You should include all schools, public and private, as the money earned would go to the student affairs committee/club, and not the school bureaucracy…oh, and it should be open to all grades… K-12.

  39. Tutu says:

    Boo hoo. Da bootiful red women’s T no come in real life sizes. Need Xl, 1X and 2X.

  40. Ko'olauBob says:

    At last!
    A little school pride….
    I wen gradumakate ’60.
    GO NUTS!

  41. Ray "Maka" Rivera says:

    Is there anything on the back of the t-shirts like a picture of the fighting “nuts?” That would be cool. KHS alumi from the class of ’71…..Nuts Out……

  42. Bunny Hirokawa says:

    I’m with a lot of people, I don’t really think white or even red looks great on me. How about medium shade of grey with red/black/white logo of Kukui High School. What about other school supply items, pencils, pens, binders, etc. for the current student body.

    Also, how about cellphone covers, laptop cases and other items for the graduates.



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  44. First2fight says:

    How cool is this! Go Nuts!

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  48. Andy "was dat me" Konopka says:

    Da new stuff stay slick but how cum da shirts only fit 2XL? Most local guys gonna need 3x or 4 x or even 5x, so you miss dat market….

  49. KHS says:

    Hey, Andy! We have made shirts up to 3XL, I think even larger for special orders, but those probably don’t show up in the Butigrove online store. You might try to call the shop and see what they have available.

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  51. Russ says:

    I went to the shop and they have 3XL and 4XL in stock…in fact shwe said was $10 bucks now for a limited time!

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